Washington Redskin Cheerleader Kristin Edick Photos and Stuff

A rookie member of the Washington Redskins cheerleading squad got quite a surprise Thursday night when her husband, who had been stationed overseas, returned home early.

“My legs turned to Jello, and it’s not just from practice. I saw him and I just couldn’t stand up anymore, he had to hold me up,” said Kristin Edick.

Lieutenant Denver Edick was in Iraq then Afghanistan. He wasn’t supposed to come home until July, but got to return sooner. While he was away his wife Kristin won a prize spot on the skins cheerleading squad.

“I’m a very lucky man obviously. And I believe I was more nervous today than on our wedding day. It’s just a blessing,” said lt. Denver Edick.

Kristin Edick had been practicing all night with her fellow cheerleaders, unaware that her husband was coming. The director was in on the surprise.

“It’s so nice to see these girls, the other side of their lives because I work with them, you know just ‘five, six, seven, eight, get in line’ to be able to kind of have a window into what their life is like and what it must be like while he’s been away overseas its just very touching,” said Stephanie Jojokian.

Now they plan to hang out, watch a few movies and Edick says he’ll obviously be at all of the Redskins games.

“Take a little vacation. A lot of catching up to do. Not get any further than a few inches from each other,” Edick said.

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